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 2017 “Small-Gaint Enterprise Award” selected by Ministry of employment and Labor
Selected by KOTRA Export commercialization business support
Selected by G-PASS Enterprise
  2016 Completed Jinmyung I&C new office building
Selected by Daegu Star Company 100
 2015 Registered as excellent product (prevent crime and disaster)
 2014 Obtained a patent right (Control Intelligent system, multiple duplex network video record,Announcement facility bu imagery intelligence, Image multiple transmission system by image collection and distribute server)
Brand Registration : JMON
2013 Receive a commendation from the SMBA
Receive a presidential citation
 2012 Registered as excellent product ( Non-suspended broadcasting system)
Received a commendation from Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Received a commendation fo A director of Public procurement service
 2011 Patent Acquisition
(Remote Control Broadcasting Device for Schools, 3 Dimensional Broadcasting System, Integrated Broadcasting System)
 2010 Patent Acquisition
(HD Broadcasting System Including Program Guide)
 2009 Patent Acquisition
(Digital network mixer device diagnosing connection parts enabled the diagnosis method)
 2008 Patent Acquisition
(Multimedia Broadcasting System with convenient response to interruptions)
 2007 Innovation Small & Medium Business (INNO- BIZ) Certification
 2006 Q Mark Certification (Korea Electric & Electronics Test Research Center Quality Assurance Mark)
 2005 Award Certificate
(The Ministry of Construction and Transportation)
2004 Korean Broadcasting Production Technology Association Member Registration
2003 SONY Korea B&P Daegu (Kyungbuk Warranty Center Certification)
 2002 Changed Business name to Jinmyung Inc.
2001 SONY Korea Inc. Daegu-Kyungbuk Official Franchise Store Agreement (Sound, Video, Broadcasting Equipment)
2000 Korea Sound Franchise Store Agreement (Sound Equipment, DAS, RANE, KCS)
1998 ISO 9001 Quality System Certification (Design, Facilities, Warranty)
KSA 9001 Quality System Certification (Design, Facilities, Warranty)
1997 Communication Construction Work License Acqusition
1992 Jinmyung Electronics Business Registration