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“Leading the total solution for the information and communication business.”

Since it was established in 1992, JinMyung Information & Community, as a company which specializes in constructing audio and visual equipment that is a means of acquiring information for modern people in this rapidly changing information society, has been contributing to the growth of the telecommunication industry and culture and art.

We design everything in accordance with through review and analysis from the planning stage so that we can bring about the maximum of efficiency with the minimum of budget and build the best system fitting the design intent with accumulated technology.

As for business item, we plan, design, produce, construct, study and develop imaging systems, CCTVs, studios for broadcasting, Internet broadcasting systems and various kinds of equipment for events. We supply these items to schools, public offices and organizations and have sales if more than USD 15 million a year.

Now and forever, as a business specializing in the field of audio and visual equipment and broadcasting equipment, all executives and staff members will pt more effort in research and development to become the best in all areas including planning, designing, constructing and A/S.

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